Central Asia Water and Energy Data Portal

By: Alfred Diebold

Better informed people take better decisions. Find everything you always wanted to know about water and energy in Central Asia.

The Central Asia Water & Energy Data Portal is available in English and Russian language and covers the five countries of Central Asia including Afghanistan. The data portal includes many new high-quality datasets available from a number of institutions (e.g. UN agencies, NASA, NOAA, CIESIN, IRI, The World Bank, etc.). It contains datasets on various topics, such as: Environment, Social, Economic, Climate, Water, and Disaster. The data portal also contains so-called story maps, which present World Bank projects in Central Asia by making use of interactive maps. If you would like to try new ways of presenting the Central Asia development situation, environmental resources and risks, this portal is for you.

Check out the location of all 19 hydrological stations in Central Asia or get the Data of the Surface Water Explorer!

Our favourite is the ESRI Water Balance App: https://livingatlas.arcgis.com/waterbalance/

Link to the Portal: http://spatialagent.org/CentralAsia/

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