Water Management Improvement Project

Funding Agency World Bank, Japan policy and human resources development (PHRD), Borrower

Implementing Agency Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources & Processing Industry

Budget: US$28,100,000.00

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Start Year: 2006

End Year: 2013

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Description: The development objective of the Water Management Improvement Project for Kyrgyz Republic was to improving irrigation service delivery and water management for the benefit of a sustainable increase in irrigated agricultural productivity; and improving national water resource governance for the benefit of water users and the nation as a whole. The indicators and the target values in the Results Framework (RF) were changed: a) the indicators were changed and some newly added in order to be more relevant, realistic, and achievable, and better aligned with the project activities; and b) the project implementing period was extended in December 2012 to November 30, 2013. The target values were changed in line with the extension and the actual implementation progress.

Sector: Water

Beneficiaries: Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Processing Industries


Team Leader Pieter David Meerbach; Media Contacts: Miriam Van Dyck, Tel : (202) 458-2931, mvandyck@worldbank.org