Syr Darya control and Northern Aral Sea – Phase 1 (SYNAS I)

Funding Agency IBRD, Borrower

Implementing Agency Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection

Budget: US$64,065,000.00

Country: Kazakhstan

Start Year: 2001

End Year: 2010

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Description: The first phase of the Syr Darya Control and Northern Aral Sea (NAS) Project, seeked to sustain, and increase agriculture, and fish production in the Syr Darya basin, and secure the NAS existence, by improving ecological and environmental conditions in the delta area. Project components include: 1) restoration of the NAS area, through the construction of a closure dike in the Berg Strait, a channel connecting the NAS, and the larger southern Aral Sea (LAS), and, conveying additional flows into the NAS. Now, excessive spills could be diverted into the Arnasai depression into the Syr Darya river. Flood protection dikes were constructed to reduce river losses. Major obstructions to river flows between the Chardarah dam and the NAS were removed, to straighten the river at three locations; 2) improvements were made on the hydraulic control of the Syr Darya, through an increased capacity of the Syr Darya entity, and diverting downstream flows towards the delta ecosystem to further restore the NAS. Major water infrastructures were rehabilitated on the Syr Darya and Karaozek branch, to improve irrigated areas, lakes, and hayfields in the basin, while river bed erosion resulting from receding sea water levels was also be improved, through the installation of weirs at Aklak, and hydraulic works for delta lakes, and wetland ecosystems; 3) rehabilitation of the Chardara dam, through the financing of a first phase program, provided the dam embankment stability was ensured, and additional geo-technical research, and, further hydrological research were undertaken; 4) aquatic resources restoration, and fisheries development through detailed preparation, and implementation phases, anticipating technical assistance, policy reforms, and a new cooperative trading organization, in addition to co-financing possibilities; and, 5) monitoring and evaluation were provided.

Sector: Water

Beneficiaries: Kazakh Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources


Team Leader Ahmed Shawky M. Abdel Ghany and Shynar Jetpissova

Elena Karaban