Sustainable Management of Mountainous Forest and Land Resources under Climate Change Conditions

Funding Agency GEF

Implementing Agency FAO

Budget: 5500000

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Start Year: 2015

End Year: 2019

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Description: The project is designed to bring about a shift in forest and land management practices, by removing any policy, institutional, technology or capacityrelated barriers to sustainable forest and land management practices. The intervention is also promoting a more integrated cross-sectoral approach that takes into account the role of land and forest resources in the carbon balance, while generating socio-economic benefits by sustaining flows of critical ecosystem services, such as climate and water regulation, soil erosion control and regulation of natural hazards. Through the promotion of new approaches and practices, the project is to increase the productivity of forest and agro-ecosystems leading to improved livelihoods of mountain people. Cross-sectoral collaboration between the forestry and agriculture sector is supported at national, “oblast” and local levels through the establishment of mechanisms to facilitate integrated land-use planning and scale up innovative, sustainable practices.

Sector: Biodiversity, Climate change