Second Irrigation and Drainage Improvement Project

Funding Agency IBRD, Borrower

Implementing Agency Committee of Water Resources

Budget: US$343,000,000.00

Country: Kazakhstan

Start Year: 2013

End Year: 2021

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Description: The development objective of the Second Irrigation and Drainage Improvement Project for Kazakhstan was to improve irrigation and drainage service delivery to support farmers in the project areas. There were four components to the project. The first component of the project is rehabilitation and modernization of Irrigation and Drainage (I&D) systems infrastructure. The second component of the project is sustainable Management, Operation and Maintenance (MOM) of I&D systems. This component supported to: modernizing and strengthening of on farm water management, and modernizing and strengthening of the MOM of the main irrigation and drainage system. The third component of the project was agricultural development. This component supported to: strengthen farmer's capacity through: 1) improving farm management and land use; 2) supporting knowledge transfer on innovative agro-techniques; and 3) supporting agro cooperatives, including establishing and strengthening the enabling Farmers Services Centers (FSCs). The fourth component of the project was project management, technical assistance and training. The component included operational support for the Project Management Unit (PMU) established within Committee of Water Resources (CWR).

Sector: Water

Beneficiaries: Kazakh Committee of Water Resources


Team Leader Ahmed Shawky M. Abdel Ghany and Shynar Jetpissova

Tel : +7-7172-691-440
In Washington

Elena Karaban

Tel : +1 202 473-9277