Protect human health and the environment from unintentional releases of POPs and mercury from the unsound disposal of healthcare waste in Kyrgyzstan

Funding Agency GEF

Implementing Agency UNPD, Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic, State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry

Budget: 1400000

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Start Year: 2014

End Year: 2017

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Description: The project is directly linked and highly relevant to the implementation of the Stockholm Convention in Kyrgyzstan; it is hence perfectly aligned with the GEF Chemicals Focal Area which includes both POPs and Mercury. The project directly contributes to the execution of the National Implementation Plan on POPs by reducing the release of dioxins and furans. Since a joint project between the Ministry of Health and the Swiss Red Cross in 2005 demonstrated that proper healthcare waste management in hospitals greatly reduced nosocomial infections, HCWM has been a top priority for the Ministry of Health. Once this project is completed, all healthcare facilities with over 25 beds in Kyrgyzstan should manage all their generated infectious waste correctly.

Sector: Environment

Beneficiaries: Kyrgyzstan