Promotion of Interstate Water Management Cooperation on Transboundary Chui and Talas Rivers (Phase 2)

Funding Agency SDC

Implementing Agency Interstate Commission on Transboundary Rivers Chui,Talas

Budget: €950,000.00

Country: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

Start Year: 2013

End Year: 2016

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Description: Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan have set up Interstate Commission for joint management of water resources in the basins of Chu river and of Talas river. However, a serious challenge for integrated water resources management remains to establish a data management system for which capacities are increasingly depleting. The project established a monitoring system for both basins by upgrading the monitoring infrastructure generating real time data and capacities in both basins, thus supporting the Interstate Commission in decision making based on solid analysis and data.

Sector: Water

Beneficiaries: Interstate Commission on Transboundary Rivers Chui/Talas Kyrgyz Department of the Water Resources Management and Melioration Committee for Water Resources in the Ministry of Environment Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan


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