On farm water management project (SEP)

Funding Agency Helvetas, International Development Enterprises

Implementing Agency Helvetas

Budget: €750,000.00

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Start Year: 2009

End Year: 2012

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Description: SEP is abbreviation from Kyrgyz - Suunu Effectivduu Paidalanuu - Effcient Use of Water. SEP project is aimed at empowering and enabling farmers to apply advanced water saving irrigation technologies. Starting from 2011 SEP is closely collaborating with Water Users Associations (WUA) and aimed at capacity building of WUA, improved cooperation between several WUA of one river basin and cooperation with the state water department and AO as well. SEP has also a component on market testing of drip irrigation technology. Drip irrigation systems sourced from India and China are marketed on local market according to value/supply chain approach.

Sector: Water management

Beneficiaries: Farmers, WUA, local NGO, extension service providers