Jalalabad Water Rehabilitation Project

Funding Agency EBRD, Gov of Switzerland

Implementing Agency EBP

Budget: €8,850,000.00

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Start Year: 2011

End Year: 2018

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Description: The EBRD provided resources to establish a framework of up to €20 million to co-finance with international donors priority water and wastewater rehabilitation sub-projects across the Kyrgyz Republic. When established the framework will envisage sovereign loans for on-lending to the water companies involved as appropriate and would address urgently needed water and wastewater infrastructure rehabilitation needs.

Sector: Waste water

Beneficiaries: Government of the Kyrgyz Republic


Upravlenie “Jalal-Abadvodokanal”
OJWRP Project Implementation Unit
1a, Strelkovyi Street
Jalalabad, City
Kyrgyz Republic