Integrated River Basin Management in the Tigrovaja Balka

Funding Agency Gov of Norway

Implementing Agency WWF

Budget: 10,000,000.00

Country: Tajikistan

Start Year: 2007

End Year: 2012

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Description: The main goal of the project is to conserve and restore the tugai ecosystem in the Tigrovaja Balka area in Tajikistan, providing a model for sustainable management of freshwater ecosystems in the Amudarya river basin, which includes Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan – one of the two major watersheds of Central Asia. In order to facilitate socio-economic development of local communities and to restore the unique ecosystem of riparian forests, a range of measures are required, including normalizing water patterns in the ecosystem and the surrounding agricultural lands through implementing water-saving technologies in agriculture.

Sector: Biodiversity

Beneficiaries: Tajikistan