Integrated Environmental Impact Assessment and Feasibility Study for the Management and Remediation of Uranium Production Legacy Sites of Charkesar and Yangiabad

Funding Agency European Union

Implementing Agency

Budget: €1,500,000.00

Country: Uzbekistan

Start Year: 2014

End Year:

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Description: The general long-term objective of the project is the safe management and remediation of the uranium production legacy sites of Charkesar and Yangiabad. In the short-term, the immediate objective of the project is limited to the development of an environmental impact assessment and the feasibility study of the related management and remediation activities. This to be achieved through the preparation of costed and integrated conceptual management and remediation plans for the Charkesar and Yangiabad sites, including design criteria and standards for the eventual remedial works and a stakeholder engagement process.

Sector: Environment, Waste management

Beneficiaries: Uzbekistan