Improving the Energy Efficiency of Municipal Heating and Hot Water Supply

Funding Agency GEF

Implementing Agency Government of Kazakhstan

Budget: US$3,290,000.00

Country: Kazakhstan

Start Year: 2007

End Year: 2013

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Description: The objective of the project was to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the municipal heat and hot water supply systems in Kazakhstan and to lay the foundation for the sustainable development of these services taking into account local as well as global environmental considerations. Within the project the following outputs were achieved: (1) assistance to the Government of the RoK in review and revision of existing regulatory and legal regulations on municipal heat supply, paying attention to issues of tariff policy and payment for actual consumption of heat to incite and promote energy efficiency; (2) development end enforcement of new institutional and financial models for finance leverage into energy efficiency in heat supply; (3) compilation, analysis and dissemination of the project experience and lessons learnt with the purpose of their effective replication in Kazakhstan and other CIS-countries.

Sector: Energy efficiency

Beneficiaries: Min. of Energy