Improving Energy Efficiency in the Residential Building Sector of Turkmenistan

Funding Agency GEF, UNDP, Borrower

Implementing Agency UNDP

Budget: US$46,200,000.00

Country: Turkmenistan

Start Year: 2012

End Year: 2015

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Description: The project helped to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by improving energy management and reducing energy consumption in the residential sector in Turkmenistan. The project aimed at strengthening incentives and capacity to build highly energy-efficient buildings, develop capacity at Turkmengas to identify end-use energy savings in its housing stock and implement investments to reduce end-use energy consumption, introduce improved highly-efficient design measures to major housing designers and developers, and replicate these measures through protocols for energy-saving measures in prototype buildings and through mainstreaming energy-efficiency issues into policies and programs.

Sector: Energy efficiency

Beneficiaries: Turkmenistan