Improvement of the concervation status of birds and all biodiversity in Turkmenistan

Funding Agency other

Implementing Agency State Committee for Environmental Protection and Land Resources


Country: Turkmenistan

Start Year: 2014

End Year: 2017

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Description: Objetices of this RSPB project were 1) deepening of theoretical base for development of national strategy on wildlife management and Specially Protected Nature Territories, 2) Developmnet of the Action Plan and monitoring of Important Bird Areas, 3) Introduction of modern principles of management of the State Nature Reserves, 4) Monitoring of implementation of International Conventions: on Biological Diversity, Ramsar, CMS, CCD, etc., 5) Development of Nomination Dossiers for badhyz and Koytendag State Nature reserves for further submission to the UNESCo WNH List.

Sector: Biodiversity