Environmental Land Management and rural Livelihoods Project

Funding Agency World Bank, Strategic Climate Fund (SCF), GEF, other

Implementing Agency Committee on Environmental Protection

Budget: US$17,000,000.00

Country: Tajikistan

Start Year: 2013

End Year: 2018

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Description: The objective of the Environmental Land Management and Rural Livelihoods Project for Tajikistan is to enable rural people to increase their productive assets in ways that improve natural resource management and resilience to climate change in selected climate vulnerable sites. The project has 3 components. (1) Rural production and land resource management investments component will provide financing in the form of small grants for subcomponents: 1.1. Sustainable village-based rural production and land resource management, and grants for the management plans under sub-component 1.2. Larger-scale initiatives in sustainable community land management. (2) Knowledge management and institutional support component will provide facilitation services and technical and institutional support for rural populations to plan, implement and manage rural investments. Relevant data collection and analysis, and information exchange for wider adoption of sustainable land management will also be supported. (3) Project management and coordination component will finance the operating costs of an Implementation Group (IG) within the Committee for Environmental Protection (CEP) to carry out project management functions. Sectors Agricultural extension and research 44% Irrigation and drainage 23% General agriculture, fishing and forestry sector 18% Public Administration - Agriculture, Fishing & Forestry 9% (Historic)Fisheries and aquaculture 3%

Sector: Environment

Beneficiaries: Tajikistan


Team Leader is Drite Dade