Conservation of globally important biodiversity and associated land and forest resources of Western Tian Shan to support sustainable livelihoods

Funding Agency GEF

Implementing Agency UNPD, State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry

Budget: 4200000

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Start Year: 2017

End Year: 2021

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Description: The aim of the project is to promote a landscape approach in the conservation of globally significant biodiversity, sustainable management of land and forest resources in the mountains of the Western Tian Shan. The project consists of 3 components: 1. Conservation and sustainable management of key biodiversity areas within the Western Tian Shan landscape; 2. Improving ecosystem resilience and habitat connectivity in the Western Tian Shan through regulation of land and forest use in buffer zones and ecological corridors, and supporting sustainable incomes for local communities; 3. Promotion of regional and global cooperation of Kyrgyzstan to protect the snow leopard and its ecosystems.

Sector: Biodiversity

Beneficiaries: Kyrgyzstan