Capacity Building of the National Irrigated Land Reclamation Fund

Funding Agency UNDP, Gov of Uzbekistan

Implementing Agency UNDP

Budget: US$749,252.00

Country: Uzbekistan

Start Year: 2009

End Year: 2012

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Description: Overall objective of the project was to formulate an integrated approach to irrigated land management to improve environmental quality and agricultural productivity. The Project addressed capacity building needs of the implementing organization, the Fund Management Department, to enable the National Irrigated Land Reclamation Fund to meet this objective.The focus of capacity building was streamlining institutional responsibilities, enhancing the technical capacity of the Fund Management Department staff with respect to irrigated land reclamation and management, modernizing project preparation and appraisal systems, improving the legal framework for irrigated land reclamation, demonstrating effective methods of land reclamation, and improving the Fund’s interaction with international donors.

Sector: Environment

Beneficiaries: UNDP Uzbekistan