Canal Automation in Ferghana Valley

Funding Agency SDC

Implementing Agency Syr Darya Water Basin Organization (WBO), supervised by the Interstate Commission for Water Co-ordination (ICWC) of Central Asia

Budget: US$2,200,000.00

Country: Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan

Start Year: 2004

End Year: 2009

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Description: The objective of this project was to introduce automated or semi-automated control and system regulation to ensure transparency, equity and optimal allocation of water in the three pilot canals of the IWRM Ferghana Project (Aravan-Akbura, South Fergana (SFC), and Khoji Bakirgan Canals). Limited interventions on basin-level structures downstream the key Uch-Kurgan weir were also included.

Sector: Water

Beneficiaries: Uzbekistan