Assessing vital signs, pressures and impacts of resource flows and scarcities to inform policy making and improve knowledge management

Funding Agency No info

Implementing Agency UNEP


Country: Kazakhstan

Start Year: 2010

End Year: 2013

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Description: There as a lack of synthesized information on resource alternatives and efficiencies as well as a need by government ministries and policy makers for more timely alerts of impending resource scarcities. This project addresed this need by assessing scarcities, unsustainable resource flows, and resource alternatives. Findings were translated into national policy approaches for more efficient and equitable use of resources.The project delivered targeted knowledge management products for resource efficiency, environmental alerts, and resource efficiency outlooks to targeted audiences, especially environmental ministries and national level policy makers. The project was executed as three components: Component 1: Environmental Alerts for Resource Scarcities; Component 2: Database Development and On-line Targeted Knowledge Management Products; Component 3: Resource Efficiency: Economics and Outlook reports and Support for Regional Capacity Building. The project addresed the need for improved access to relevant data sources related to emerging resource scarcities and built capacity for environmental ministries to identify emerging resource scarcities and improve efficiencies.The project had both a global and regional focus. Global level datasets and core indicators wiere incorporated into UNEP’s GEO Data Portal and also feed into the Environmental Data & Indicators Platform (EDIP) and alerts generated from this system as resource scarcities emerge world-wide. In addition, four critically affected countries or subregions were focused of Resource Efficiency: Economics and Outlook reports and received capability building support around the subject of resource efficiency and scarcity.

Sector: Natural resources and rural development, Environment

Beneficiaries: Kazakhstan