Agriculture Budget Support & Complementary Capacity Building Assistance

Funding Agency European Union, Brussels, BELGIUM represented by the European Commission

Implementing Agency Government of Uzbekistan (Ministry of Agriculture Ministry of Finance) IMF & Consulting Companies

Budget: 40000000 EUR

Country: Uzbekistan

Start Year: 2020

End Year:

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Description: Main objective is to support the implementation of the National Agriculture Strategy & Roadmap (2020-2030): ● Improve public services in the agri-food sector; ● Enhance food and nutrition security and ensure sustainable use of natural resources; ● Increase public and private investment in the agri-food sector

Sector: agriculture

Beneficiaries: Rural communities, farmers, agri-businesses, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Finance & other key public sector institutions in the Agri-food sector


EU TA Project: Adrian Neal Taviza Usmanova Ministry of Agriculture: