AF- Second on-farm irrigation project

Funding Agency World Bank, Borrower

Implementing Agency State Committee for Water Resources and Land Improvement

Budget: US$15,000,000.00

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Start Year: 2011

End Year: 2016

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Description: The development objective of the Additional Financing for the Second On-Farm Irrigation Project was to improve irrigation service delivery on a sustainable basis that to contribute to increased agricultural productivity among irrigation farmers. This was achieved through further development of Water Users Associations (WUAs) and rehabilitation and modernization of irrigation and drainage infrastructure. The Additional Financing (AF) helped to finance the costs associated with scaling up of project activities to enhance the impact of this well-performing project, especially on vulnerable rural communities in the south of the Kyrgyz Republic which have been affected by ethnic clashes in the summer of 2010. The AF financed: a) the rehabilitation of on-farm Irrigation and Drainage (I&D) systems for around 18 WUAs on 34,800 hectares, directly benefitting 34,400 farmers (around US$12.9 million); b) training and goods to 475 WUAs to increase their capacity to sustainably manage the on-farm I&D systems (around US$1.5 million); and c) operating costs of the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) (around US$0.6 million). In addition, the rehabilitation works emploied around 550 people for 7,600 man months, with an average income of US$130 per month. There were no changes to the project development objective, the project activities and the implementation arrangements under the AF.

Sector: Water

Beneficiaries: Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Processing Industries


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