Addressing Climate Change Risks to Farming Systems in Turkmenistan at National and Community Level

Funding Agency UN Adaptation Fund

Implementing Agency UNDP, Ministry of Nature Protection of Turkmenistan

Budget: US$2,929,500.00

Country: Turkmenistan

Start Year: 2012

End Year: 2016

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Description: The main objective of the project was to strengthen water management practices at both local and national levels in response to climate change-induced water scarcity risks that are increasingly affecting farming systems in Turkmenistan. The project assessed and delivered concrete water adaptation measures to local vulnerable communities in the three typical agro-ecological regions, while also strengthening national level water legislation and pricing to ensure water availability for the non-state sector farmers. This combination of outcomes was ensured that concrete actions implemented through AF resources were sustainable beyond the lifetime of the project.

Sector: Climate Change, Water managment

Beneficiaries: UNDP in Turkmenistan