The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO)

Sector: Multi-Sector

Funding Agency:

Country: United Kingdom

Type: Bilateral


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Description: The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) uses its Official Development Assistance (ODA), also known as its overseas aid budget to support and deliver the 4 strategic objectives of the government’s 2015 Aid Strategy which aligns the government’s global efforts to defeat poverty, tackle instability and create prosperity in developing countries. The 4 objectives are: strengthening global peace, security and governance strengthening resilience and response to crises promoting global prosperity tackling extreme poverty and helping the world’s most vulnerable Formerly known as ‘strategic and bilateral programmes’, these funds support the FCO’s wider diplomatic effort and foreign policy in support of UK interests overseas. All policy programmes are aligned with strategic objectives and, where appropriate, National Security Council strategies and the Aid Strategy. Issues supported by funds include Human Rights, Democracy and the Rules Based International System, Open Futures, and Strengthening Maritime Security.