Climate Development and Knowledge Network

Sector: Climate

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Country: London, United Kingdom

Type: Network


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Description: Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) is able to provide support through its alliance organisations and procure the best services from around the world. They strive to deliver the highest quality technical advice, forge uniquely effective partnerships, and drive the latest and best thinking on climate compatible development. Within the broad scope of climate compatible development, CDKN works across four strategic themes: Climate compatible development strategies and plans Improving developing countries’ access to climate finance Strengthening resilience through climate-related disaster risk management Supporting climate negotiators from the least developed and most vulnerable countries. The Climate and Development Knowledge Network was funded from March 2010 to March 2018 by the UK Department for International Development (DfID) and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS). As of March 2018, CDKN has received funding from 12 donors, including the Governments of Norway and Sweden, the US Department of State and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC). Knowledge management CDKN’s knowledge management work aims to: enhance the accessibility and relevance of knowledge on climate and development; maximise the uptake, application and impact of this knowledge to support climate-resilient, low-carbon development at scale; and enhance leadership and collaboration – help developing country actors to become more influential, informed champions of climate action. Technical assistance CDKN’s technical assistance service provides tailored and demand-driven support to developing country decision-makers in the design and delivery of climate compatible development policies and practices, and acts as a catalyst to maximise the impact of increasing flows of donor climate and development funding. Negotiations Support CDKN works with the leaders and negotiators of developing countries to help them become better informed and more skilled at negotiating, as well as to become more active, networked and influential actors in the international climate change talks. Only once they have a strong voice and can exert their influence in the international negotiating arena will more robust, progressive and equitable outcomes be possible for all parties. Research CDKN supports a wide range of demand-led, policy-relevant, applied research projects, led and implemented by a wide range of universities, private sector partners, NGOs and international agencies. CDKN looks for projects which not only demonstrate scientific excellence, but which also clearly respond to identified developing country needs and demand and promise high policy impact. CDKN values innovative, game-changing research within the context of climate compatible development. More information is available here: