Water-energy resources of Central Asia: use and development issues. [Vodno-energeticheskie resursy Centralnoi Azii: problemy ispolzovaniya i osvoeniya]

Author(s): Eurasian Development Bank

Published by: Eurasian Development Bank

Published in: January, 2001

Format: report

Region: Central Asia

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Solution of problems of mutual use of water and energy resources in Central Asia is not only of economic, but also environmental, political and international importance, at the same time it is one of the main factors of shaping the region areas of stability, economic prosperity and environmental safety. The most important issues in this area are water and energy regulation and the attraction of long-term investments to construction of hydropower facilities. The Eurasian Development Bank, being aware of the problems of water and energy sector, is elaborating such approaches to participation in the hydropower projects of Central Asia that will provide a balance of conflicting interests of riparians and will give additional impetus to integration processes in the region.

Topics: Energy,  IWRM,  Transboundary Water Management,  Water Management,  

Keywords: Energy,  Environment,  Hydromats,  IWRM,  Transboundary water issues,  Water Management,