Water, Climate, Food, and Environment in the Syr Darya Basin (Contribution to the project ADAPT Adaptation strategies to changing environments)

Author(s): Savoskul, Oxana S.; Elena V. Chevnina; Felix I. Perziger; Ludmila Y. Vasilina; Viacheslav L. Baburin; Alexander I; Danshin A.I.; Bahtiyar Matyakubov; Ruslan R. Murakaev

Published by: Central Asia

Published in: January, 2001

Format: technical paper

Region: Central Asia

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The Syr Darya river basin is one of two major basins belonging to Aral Sea Basin in Central Asia. It has an area of 402,760 km2 divided between four ex-Soviet states; Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan. Approximately 20 million people inhabit the basin, of which 73% live in rural areas, making their living from agriculture. 55% of the land is used as pastures supporting livestock of sheep, cattle, goats, horses and camels. 8% of the land is used for crop production. Climate in the basin is hot and arid, only in the mountains the climate is more cool and humid. Soils are thin and infertile, but can be productive for certain crops with adequate irrigation, which is not abundant in the region. An immense irrigation network inherited from Soviet times is still in operation but in part needs renovation, reconstruction and proper maintenance.

Topics: Environment,  Water Management,  

Keywords: Environment,  Hydrology,  IWRM,  Water Management,