Monthly report on IWRM in Central Asia: June 2014








Minister of environment and water resources N. Kapparov defined 5 indicators of water resources management program: water supply; increase of water resources; drinking water supply; water drain; ecosystem saving. To reach settled goals following acts are needed: decrease water use for 14%, enhancement of tariff policy, construction and exploitation of water infrastructure, establishment of water economy companies and implementation of the project on saving Northern part of Aral Sea and regulation of Syrdarya river bed.

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Bilateral negotiations of Irtysh River

Negotiations between China and Kazakhstan on Irtysh River cannot reach its logic finish – water apportionment agreement. According to plans such document had to be signed in this year, but seems this process will be delayed till 2016. The stumbling-block of this case is the principle of “equitable allocation of water resources”, which understood by parties in different way. And in accordance with this situation none of among international legal documents or international organization can provide with monosemantic definition of this principle, which could help to solve Kazakh-Chinese problem.

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Water damming

Vice Prime-minister of KR on security, law and order and border issues A. Mamataliev had informed about possibility to dam Large Namangan canal’s water temporarily to make some general/capital repairs on Uch-Kurgan HPP, which was not repaired in 53 years. according to opinions of experts such decision of Kyrgyz Government might be a reaction to the unregularly gas delivery by uzbek side. In case of water damming during vegetation period, such act of Kyrgyz government may provoke regional conflict, which was mentioned by president of Uzbekistan I. Karimov.




Minister of economy T.Sariev informs that Kyrgyzstan from exporter country of electricity becomes a country of importer. And this happened despite the fact that Kyrgyzstan has enough of resources to produce hydroenergy. This phenomenon has two explanations: energy sector needs effective management by decrease of energy loss and increase of profitability; build power generators by attraction of foreign investor with provision of state guarantee, or rethink the tariff policy.



Water resources allocation

People of Panfilov district ask to change the allocation of water resources of Aspara river (Kyrgyzstan-Kazakhstan) from 38% to 50% in favor for Kyrgyzstan. And they explain it by dissatisfaction of local farmers. Considering that current water allocation was established in 1948 and this allocation no longer fits modern demand. Laboratory director of scientific-research institution of Kyrgyzstan Shablovsky V. informed that in 1994 countries of CA according to Nukus Declaration agreed on established practice of water allocation. 

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International cooperation with EU

EU Envoy to Central Asia Janos Herman had met with minister of foreign affairs of Tajikistan Sirodzhiddin Aslov. During the meeting main streams of cooperation were talked, and most attention was paid to management of water resources and energy. Strategic important moments of future cooperation between Tajikistan and EU for the period of 20114-2018 were discussed.




The Head of ministry of energetics and water resources of Tajikistan Usmonali Usmonzoda with other representatives of the ministry took part in Asian Forum on clean energy in Manila. There was made a statement in the Forum about establishment of center “Sustainable energy for all”. The Center will use existing energy programs of ADB, UNDP, ESCATO UN and will support to make express-assessments, establish constructive political dialogue, investment catalystism and mobilization of bilateral and global foundations to develop clean energy.

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Rogun HPP

On June 17, 2014 a final project of full research of World Bank of technical substantiation of Rogun HPP project was published. in accordance with this EU addressed to all Central Asia countries to discuss the project particularly, and cooperation in use of electricity energy and international water resources of Central Asia.

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Within the Strategy partnership of World Bank Group with Republic of Uzbekistan for 2012-2015, Council of executive directors of VB approved the finance of two projects in Uzbekistan in sum of 410,3 mln. USD: Project on development of vegetable growing sector (150 mln. USD); Project on enhancement of water resources management in South Karakalpakstan (loan 242,50 mln. UDS, bond 18,22 mln. USD). Both of these projects support the government of Uzbekistan in realization the strategy of modernization of agriculture sector in the country.


Multilateral cooperation in the sphere of education of environmental security.

International program is acting the country: “UZWATER: master program on science about environment and sustainable development with the accent of water resources management for the system of higher education of Uzbekistan”. This program take part with participation of Royal technological institution of Sweden, Sweden association of Aral Sea, National university of Latvia, Kaunas technological university, Warsaw university of science and life, Belarus state university and with the financial support of TEMPUS. Within the framework of this project an education of master students is going to be implemented in area of: “Environment protection and water resources management”. Project also aims to establish centers on study problems of environment protection and rational water resources use in universities and institutions of the country. 

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International Round Table

By the initiative of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Spain with participation of representatives of different Spanish universities, experts of scientific research institutions, specialists of water management and mass-media, a round table on “Uzbekistan’s approaches to solve the use of transboundary water resources in Central Asia” had been organized. Issues mentioned on the round table were concerned the shrinkage of Aral Sea, Priaral’e ecological condition and construction of large HPPs on transboundary rivers of Aral Sea basin.

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International cooperation

European Union Envoy to Central Asia Janos Herman arrived to Ashkhabad to take part in International Conference on migration and statelessness, and met with minister of foreign affairs of Turkmenistan. A wide range of issues were discussed, parties defined priority directions of cooperation in spheres of water resources management, energy and environment within the realization of EU strategy for Central Asia.

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