Monthly report on IWRM in Central Asia: March 2014







Head of the Ministry of Emergency situations suggests to be ready for the consequences of global warming in Kazakhstan

Head of Kazakhstan Ministry of Emergency situations Vladimir Bozhko, during the Government session shared his worry about atmosphere and oceans warming. As he told, in the summary for the politicians, prepared by the UN experts group on climate change analysis, which was provided by Ministry of environment and water resources, verbatim: “Atmosphere and ocean are getting warmer, snow and glassier are shortening, ocean level increased, greenhouse gases concentration are becoming higher. In the northern hemisphere years of 1982-2012, probably, were the warmest 30-years period in the last 1400 years.” As the same expert says, “the number of the dry lands where intensive precipitation amount increased, are more than the number of dry lands where its number became less.” It was increased in the Europe, in America, in our neighbours’, in Russia, and in Ural as well, - mentioned Minister.

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Due to subsidies in 2013 oblast farmers have bought 277 units of agricultural machinery. In this season it is planned widely to use water saving technologies, remembering last year drought, irrigation water shortage and incidents on transboundary Koksay channel (the main water sources of Zhambyl region are located in Kyrgystan). “Drip irrigation is used on 2,8 ha in six regions of the oblast”, - emphases the head of local agricultural governance.

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Drip irrigation

Memorandum on creating joint enterprise on producing and installation of drip irrigation systems was signed between “KazAgro” holding, French company “IrriFrance” and JSC “SC “Kazakhstan Engineering”. “According to the previous discussions the parties have decided to create joint Kazakh-French enterprise on producing modern irrigation systems and equipment for the needs of agriculture in Kazakhstan”, - was told in the “KazAgro” message. 

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Sharp increasing of the temperature after 20th of March lead to river level rising in East Kazakhstan.

Emergency services have recorded occasions of living house underflooding because of the large influx of water in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Semei and in the districts of Globokovskoe, Kurchumskoe and Katon-Karagai. 50 units of machinery and 120 people were working days and nights on control of flooding.


«Akbulak» giveswater

Twelve water supply systems will be run in the region in the framework of state program “Ak bulak”. Next year their number will reach 18. For that purpose the sum of 4,2 billiton tenge was allocated. In the last 3 years 57 water supply systems, water towers and other constructions, providing water to 40 localities were put into operation. Today in 208 cities and towns 452 thousand citizens of Zhambyl oblast (each third) are using purified drinking water.

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Submission of irrigation water in Zhambyl region.

Akim of Zhambyl Karim Kokrekbaev met with authorized representatives of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in Talas and Chu regions.  According Kokrekbaev words, the favorable conditions will be created for the activities of economic entities in Chui, Talas regions of the Kyrgyz Republic on the territory of Zhambyl region. Akim offered market places in Taraz municipal market to the direct producers of fruits and vegetables from the Kyrgyz Republic. In addition to this Zhambyl region administration will assist in addressing supply and sale of milk from the Kyrgyz Republic for the dairy companies in the region. In turn , the Kyrgyz side will take actions to ensure that during the vegetation period non-stop supply of irrigation water through the Koksai channel of Zhualynskiy district for agricultural Kazakh side will be provided and will also provide separated transport corridor through the "Aktilek" customs post.


In Kyrgyzstan International water day will be celebrated.

From March 22 up to March 28, 2014 Association for the Advancement of Health with the support of UNICEF celebrated the International Water Day. According to their information, the activities aimed at changing behavior and improving sanitation and hygiene practices in communities, households and schools in Issyk-Kul, Talas and Naryn oblasts.

Events dedicated to the World Water Day on March 22 , held in the framework of the World Bank project "Rural Water Supply and Sanitation -2 ", component B "Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion", which objectives are to help to improve access of participating communities to clean drinking water, improving sanitation practices in rural areas in Talas, Naryn and Issyk- Kul oblasts. This component is funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and by technical assistance of ARIS/UNICEF.



World Bank Uzbekistan assures that the project CASA- 1000 involves the export of summer surplus electricity existing in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan hydroelectric " without new generating capacity ." This was said in response to the Vice - President of the World Bank's Europe and Central Asia Laura So to appeal the Minister of Economy of Uzbekistan Galina Saidova in which it opposed the implementation of CASA-1000 project . So Laura's response to the Minister of Economy of Uzbekistan posted on the official website of the World Bank.

So Laura notes that the purpose of the project development of electricity trade in Central Asia and South Asia (CASA-1000) coincides with the objectives of the World Bank Group to eradicate extreme poverty and improve living standards. In addition, the World Bank Group considers CASA-1000 project as an important step in building an effective system of electricity throughout Central Asia and South Asia. " Uzbekistan opposes hydropower projects in starne verhovya (Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan) have , both internal and regional importance.

The World Bank assures that CASA-100 project realization is aimed on export of existing of summer extra hydropower energy in summer period from Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan “without taking into account new generating powers”. It was told in the report of Vice-President of the World Bank on the Europe and Central Asia Lora which was the answer to Uzbekistan Minister of Economy Galina Saidova who is against CASA-1000 project implementation. Lora’s answer was published on the World Bank official web-site.

Lora is emphasizing that CASA-1000 mission – developing electric energy trade in Central Asia and South Asia is matching World Bank group aim to eradication of extreme poverty and increase of living standard. Besides, the World Bank group considers CASA-1000 project as an important step in building an effective system of energy supply of a whole Central Asia and South Asia. Uzbekistan opposes the implementation of hydro energy projects in the upstream countries (Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan).

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Uzbekistan allocates $1 billion on agriculture.

This information was announced during the event dedicated to World Water Day which was held in Tashkent. The event was organized by Uzbekistan Ministry of agriculture and water resources jointly with UNDP in Uzbekistan and Tashkent Institute of irrigation and melioration.


The fifth session of uzbek-french Intergovernmental Commission

During the session parties have discussed main issues of bilateral trade and economic cooperation. It was mentioned, that Paris fully shares uzbek position regarding the environment protection and rational using of water resources in the region. According to that the decision about cooperation between Uzbekistan State Nature Committee and France Ministry of Ecology, sustainable Development and Energy was supported.



Turkmenistan Science Academy has announced the start of the competition on scientific-research projects. Participating scientists are expected to develop proposals on increasing effectiveness of Turkmen “Altyn Asyr” lake, its manifolds exploitation and on the rational use of water and ground resources. The specialists are also focused on complex research of the Caspian sea ecology, development of scientific basis of Koitentag natural resources rational using, finding out about the technologies of secondary resources purification and prevention of emissions of harmful substances into the environment.


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