Monthly report on IWRM in Central Asia: February 2014




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Water supply project «Ak Bulak»

Following the results of three years of realization of the program «Ak Bulak», access to the centralized water supply was 84 %. Thus, there is potable water in 10 cities, 3 settlements and in 305 villages of the East-Kazakhstan region. According to the head of the Department of Energy and Housing and Communal Services of EKR Aytkazy Sherubaev, more than 20 billion tenge was spent for the program’s implementation in 2011-2013. «Ak Bulak» worked in all areas of EKR. 59 of 77 are completed projects and the rest are planned to be implemented in 2014. To date the access to the centralized water supply in the cities of East Kazakhstan has been amounted to 97 %, in rural areas – 65, 5 %, and to the centralized wastewater 53 % of urban and 12 % of rural population.



Due to water level increase in the river Syrdarya there have been flooding grasslands in the village Kozhatogay of Ary district of South Kazakhstan region. According to Department for Emergency Situations, at a gateway of Koksaray reservoir there was started ice drifting. Now the river Syr-Darya receives about 900 cubic meters of water per second from the reservoir. Because of flood, the riparian pastures appeared under the inundation zone.

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Wastewater Management

Akim of Astana Imangali Tasmagambetov during his meeting with the population, speaking about on the elimination of Taldykol storage has declared that from this year, starting from June the urban wastewater discharge into the Taldykol store will be stopped. Wastewater of 150 thousand cubic meters after processing, clearing and finishing to technical quality will be discharged directly into the river Esil. Simultaneously, with the reduction of a mirror of Taldykol lake, starting from June the work on utilization of ground slit in geotextile containers, as well as recultivation of drained territory will begin.




Ecology of water resources

According to the report of the State Agency of Environment and Forestry of the Kyrgyz Republic, there was observed an increased content of sulfate and nitrite nitrogen in Chus and Kara-Balta rivers. By results of the chemical analysis in water samples, collected in October 2013, the limit values for the concentration of nitrite nitrogen in 4.2 times has been observed in the river Chu near the village Kamyshanovka on the border with Kazakhstan.

It is caused due to the seasonal decrease in water flow in the river. Other indicators corresponded to the approved standards.

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Climate change and adaptation

The Vice-prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Tajyrbek Sarpashev attended a meeting of the coordination committee on climate change. According to statements of the Vice-Prime Minister, there have been already being observed the factors of regression associated with climate change, reduction in agricultural productivity, greater insecurity water, increased risk of extreme weather events, decrease in the areas and volumes of glaciers, destruction of ecosystems and growing threat to population health in Kyrgyzstan. Meanwhile, the Vice-prime Minister acknowledged that Kyrgyzstan needs support from international donors in order to achieve tangible results in the above mentioned directions.


СASA-1000, the international cooperation

On February 19th, 2014 there was a meeting of the Minister of Energy and the Industry of Kyrgyzstan Osmonbek Artykbaev with the Minister of Water resources and Energy of Pakistan Muhammad Asif Kavazha in Washington. During the meeting they discussed the realization of project СASA-1000 - delivery of the Kyrgyz electricity to Pakistan. The Minister also had a meeting with the World bank, where they discussed the terms of financing of CASA-1000 project, and refined level of investment and participation of investors in the given project.

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Water Diplomacy

During the conference "Water and Energy as instruments for peace", held at the European Parliament in Brussels, Permanent Representative of Tajikistan in the EU, Ambassador Rustamdzhon Soliyev has underlined that "Tajikistan has always encourages countries in the region to the creative and constructive solutions to water problems". The First Deputy Minister of Energy and Water Resources of RT Sulton Rakhimov said that «Tajikistan in its water policy is based o the corresponding concept, which state that water should be a tool for cooperation».

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The International cooperation, IWRM

The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan Sirodzhidin Aslov has accepted on February, 24th the Special Envoy of Swiss Water Affairs William Mayer. As informs MFA RT, during the meeting, the sides discussed issues of regional water cooperation, as well as its future prospects.

News agency "Avesta"



Energy conservation, the international grants

There was signed an agreement between the World bank and the government of Uzbekistan to provide the country a grant of 12.7 million dollars, which have been earlier allocated by the Global Environmental Facility (GEF). The given project aims at promoting new technologies for energy saving and renewable energy, which are highly relevant to agricultural enterprises and farms. Besides, the project will allow strengthening the capacity of reclamation of degraded irrigated lands and more rational use of water resources in Bukhara, Andijan, Samarkand, Jizzakh and several other regions of Uzbekistan.

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Water problem in Central Asia, UN

The representative of Uzbekistan, speaking at the UN, once again expressed his country's position on the use of water resources in Central Asia. The representative of Uzbekistan expressed concern over the plans ' neighboring countries on the construction of new large hydropower stations with giant dams by world standards. "The representative of Uzbekistan declared inadmissibility of construction of hydropower projects at international waterways without prior coordination with all interested countries, UN News Center reports.

News agency "Avesta"



Construction  of reservoirs

On Saturday the state news agency Turkmen Dovlet khabarlary (TDH) reported that there is an active accumulation of water to create the necessary reserves for various needs of the national economy in reservoirs of Turkmenistan. According to TDH report at the ministry of a water management of Turkmenistan, "around up about 2700 million cubic metre of life-giving water has been already accumulated". Local hydro builders are working on increasing the volume of the reservoir "15 years of independence of Turkmenistan" and Hauzhanskogo reservoirs, which are among the largest in the country.



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